Hyacinth Cosmo

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Hyacinth Cosmo


Cosmo Legendary
Obtain Titan, Side Story, Daily Bounty
Bonus Attributes When attacking, decrease the target's physical attack and Cosmo attack by 10% for 2 rounds (stacks up to 5 times)
Requirement Socket 3 Cosmo of the same type to activate

Prince Hyacinthus, as beautiful as the other gods on Mount Olympus, was deeply loved by Apollo, the Sun God. Apollo gave the teenager all his love and passion, even to the extent that he forgot he was a god. It wasn't until Hyacinthus was mortally wounded by trying to catch a discus that Apollo threw, that the Sun God remembered the destructive nature of his power. "You will forever live in my heart, leaving a seal that only belongs to me." Since then, the youth has turned into hyacinths that bloom with sunshine patterns...

The reincarnation of Hyacinthus. Apollo's favorite, but also an everlasting regret.

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