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Legions are gathering places for like-minded Saints. The Legion members can participate in collective gameplay modes together, including Legion Boss, Legion Aid, Legion Rewards, etc., and can receive bountiful reward from them. Each legion has 1 legion commander and up to 2 legion vice commanders. When the legion commander is offline for 5 consecutive days, the legion commander position will be automatically transferred to the legion vice commander.

There are common members and elite members in each legion, which can be appointed by the legion commander or legion vice commander.

Funds and Medals

Legion funds

Legion funds can be obtained in various legion-related activities, including Legion Realm Mining, Legion Boss, and Legion Quests. Legion funds are used for legion upgrades, with various benefits can be unlocked once the legion is upgraded. There is a limit on the funds that can be stored, and the funds will stop increasing once the limit is reached. The limit can be raised by improving the level of the Legion Territory. Legion medals can be obtained in various legion-related activities, including Legion dungeon, Legion Boss, and Legion Quests.

Legion medals

Legion medals are used to purchase various buffs and packs in the Legion Shop. There is a limit on the medals that can be obtained each week, and the medals will stop increasing once the limit is reached. The limit can be increased by improving the level of the Legion Territory.

Legion Contribution

Legion Contribution is used to record members' contributions to the legion. Legion Contribution = Legion medals obtained in the week + legion funds obtained in the week. According to their contributions in the previous week, the system will distribute rewards to legion members through the Weekly Pack in the gameplay mode, which will include lots of Diamonds and rare materials!

The Legion Contribution Ranking is based on the total contribution of all legion members.

Legion Buildings

Legion Hall

Decides the Legion Rank. The level of the Legion Hall is the level limit of other buildings. The Legion Hall can be upgraded when all other buildings reach the level of the Legion Hall.

Legion Barracks

The higher the barracks level, the more members the legion can absorb.

Legion Treasury

The higher the territory level, the more items there will be in the Legion Shop, along with various discounts.

Legion Territory

The higher the territory level, the higher the fund capacity and weekly medal acquisition limit.

Legion Rewards

Legion Rewards is the gameplay mode where legion members submit materials obtained through daily activities to the legion, and the legion gives rewards to the members in return.

Trophies - Material Acquisition

Players can receive materials to activate the trophies in activeness point chests.\n2. When players don't have enough materials, they can obtain the materials by asking for the help of other players, while each player can only ask for help 3 times per day.

Trophies - Rewards

Players can receive random rewards after submitting trophies.

Legion Commissions

Legion Commissions: Players dispatch Saints to complete commissions issued by the legion to receive the corresponding rewards.


The Saint list is sorted according to the success rate. The higher the Saint level, the higher the commission completion rate. Recommended Saints can increase the commission completion rate. Friend commissions can increase the commission completion rate.

After the commission completion reaches 100%, in addition to the completion rewards, you can also receive a surprise reward!


Obtain experience, Gold, item rewards, and even rare Cosmo and advanced Saint Shards. Higher-star level commissions grant better rewards, while the requirements for Saints are also higher.

Legion Dungeon

Challenge Attempts

3 times every day.

Challenge Rewards

All legion members can claim a defeat reward after completing the dungeon. Also, during the dungeon settlement at 5:00 AM on the next day, dungeon damage and damage ranking rewards will be distributed via mail to members that have challenged the legion dungeon the previous day.

Combat Rules

6 Saints can be deployed, with 4 Energy in the first and second rounds, 6 in the third and fourth, and 8 in the fifth.

dungeon Rules

The Legion dungeon has a total of 20 stages, which need to be challenged in order and will reset every month. If all stages are completed within the month, the last stage will be reset on the day following completion, until the end of the month.

Legion Boss

Legion bosses are strong enemies from Another Dimension that will harass Sanctuary at a specific time every day. After defeating the legion boss, Sanctuary will give bountiful rewards to players, including Advanced Cosmo.

Challenge Rules

Every day, the legion commander sets the opening hours, and each member has 3 challenge attempts. Challenging it one time will record your total damage dealt, after which you can blitz it! Blitzes will be based on the battle where you dealt the most damage.

The legion will be invaded by the boss every day, and will come back even stronger after it is defeated and give more rewards.

Reward Content

Obtain EXP and Gold, and even rare Cosmo and advanced Saint Shards. Defeat the boss to get mysterious rewards.

Special Boss

The legion commander or legion vice commander can purchase portal items in the Legion Shop to unlock special legion bosses. Can only be purchased when a non-legion boss event is going on (the time from the opening of the legion boss to the disappearance of the legion boss chest). The special legion boss will replace the common legion boss, and bountiful bonus rewards can be obtained by participating in the special boss event.

Currently, we have released two special bosses: Thane of Stars and Soul of the Trident. The former drops Diamonds and Gems, while the latter drops materials for Cosmo enchanting.

Opening Rules

To reduce the burden of events, legion boss does not open on Saturday, and the participation reward on Sunday is doubled. The bonuses rewarded by special bosses, for example, Thane of Stars' Diamonds and Gems and Soul of the Trident's Gold and Enchanting Stones are not affected by the double bonus on Sunday.

Combat Rules

Saints can be deployed, with 4 Energy in the first and second rounds, 6 in the third and fourth, 8 in the fifth round and in every round after that. There are 10 battle rounds in total.

Participation Reward

After the boss dies, members who have not participated 3 times will get a compensation reward; you no longer have to fear the boss going down too quickly! These compensation rewards will be the same as the actual battle rewards, minus Legion Medals and Legion Contribution Tokens.

Legion Quests

Legion Quests: Players complete individual and legion quests to obtain bountiful rewards.

Quest Introduction

Individual quests can be completed alone, while legion quests require the effort of all legion members. The quest completion time is one week, and the quest progress will be reset at 5:00 AM on Monday.

Rewards obtained for completing the quests are determined by the level of the Legion Treasury. When the number of players who have completed the quests reaches a certain number, the system will send mail to reward all legion members.

Legion War

Legion War is the gameplay mode in which 2 legions are matched for competition, with victory requiring the joint effort of all legion members. Only legions with at least 20 members and a legion rank of 2 or above can participate in the Legion War. During the Legion War, players can earn points by transporting crystals back to the safe area or defeating the opposing players.

The legion who reaches 10,000 points first or the one with higher points when the time is up will win. Single-use skills will be randomly put into the field, which you can tap to pick up.

Bonus points can be obtained by defeating players carrying crystals. If no one in the legion attends the Legion War, it will be considered a forfeit, and the Legion members cannot receive any rewards. Use your second lineup to attack the opponent.

Legion Shop

Shop Purchase Rules

Legion commanders and legion vice commanders can use legion medals to purchase buffs and packs for all full members of the legion.

The shop refreshes at 5:00 AM every day.

Legion Shop-Buff Introduction

Buffs are effective for all full members of the legion. When purchasing specific packs and consumables, all full members of the legion can receive a corresponding consumable via mail. Legion medals can be obtained through legion members in various legion gameplay modes.

Weekly Pack


Rewards are distributed every Monday according to the legion members' contributions in the previous week and can be claimed on the Gameplay page.

Weekly Pack-Reward Content

Players with below 1,000 contributions cannot claim a reward. Players with 1,000 - 1,999 contributions can claim the fourth-tier reward, which includes Legion tokens and Common Gems. Players with 2,000 - 3,999 contributions can claim the third-tier reward, which includes a small number of Diamonds, Legion tokens, and Common Gems. Players with 4,000 - 4,999 contributions can claim the second-tier reward, which includes Diamonds, Legion tokens, and Common Gems. Players with 5,000 - 9,999 contributions can claim the first-tier reward, which includes a large number of Diamonds, Legion tokens, and Advanced Gems. Players with 10,000 contributions or above can claim the special reward, which includes a massive amount of Diamonds, Legion tokens, and Advanced Gems.

Legion Conquest

Legion Conquest opens once every 2 weeks. Each Legion Conquest lasts for one week and is divided into four stages: sign-up, draw, lineup, and promotion. This gameplay mode has a 2-week preparation process. When it opens, the legion commander can sign up, and the top 16 legions with the highest sign up points[-] will be selected for the week's Conquest.

Sign Up Points = Last 2 weeks' total legion contributions + Number of Conquest Orders submitted (each Conquest Order can be exchanged for 10 sign up points).

Conquest Orders are the common assets of the legion, with a max limit of 50,000. All Conquest Orders used for the sign up will be returned if the legion is not selected. Legions with insufficient contributions can accumulate Conquest Orders to improve the sign up points to participate in the Legion Conquest. Conquest Orders can be obtained by participating in Legion Commissions, Legion Trophies, Legion Boss, and Legion dungeon.

For players who have not yet participated in the Legion Conquest, we have also provided betting and other entertainment options.

The Legion Conquest is mostly about Honor. Later, we will gradually add real-time spectating and bullet comment features to let more players participate in this gameplay mode.

Competition Rules

Sign Up

Monday 10:00 AM - Tuesday 8:30 PM, all legion commanders and legion vice commanders on the server can register using Conquest Orders.


Tuesday 8:30 PM - Wednesday 8:30 PM, legion commanders and legion vice commanders of selected legions can draw to determine the battle position of their legions.


Wednesday 8:30 PM - Friday 8:30 PM, legion commanders and legion vice commanders of participating legions can perform lineup actions and dispatch members joining the battle.


During the preparation, participating members can adjust their lineup freely and discuss strategies with their teammates. Please keep the network stable during preparation and do not lock your phone or switch the game to the background. The above operations may result in failure to enter battle which will cause you to lose the match.


Each legion dispatches 5 teams to perform five battles (1v1, 1v1, 2v2, 2v2 and 3v3), and the promotions are determined by the result of the five battles.

Friday 8:40 - 9:00 PM, Top 16 competition; Friday 9:10 - 9:30 PM, quarterfinals competition; Saturday 8:40 - 9:00 PM, semifinals competition; Saturday 9:00 - 9:30 PM, finals competition;


Legion Conquest is a real-time online PvP gameplay mode, and if a member of the participating party fails to enter preparation before the start of the game, the party will be regarded as having forfeited.


When the battle exceeds 15 rounds, the side with the higher remaining health wins. When the total scores of the five parties are the same, the side with higher sign up points wins.


From the end of the draw on Tuesday to the start of the game on Friday, players can choose and bet Gold on one of the participating legions.


Level 20 and above members in the legion can set reinforcement Saints for the participating team leader to use in the battle. However, reinforcement Saints of members who have been deployed to the confronting lineup cannot be used.


After the competition, the system will distribute Legion Conquest ranking rewards via mail, and all members of the participating legions can receive the rewards.