Daffodil Cosmo

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Daffodil Cosmo


Cosmo Legendary
Obtain Titan, Side Story, Daily Bounty
Bonus Attributes Increases physical attack by 1% for every 1% HP lost
Requirement Socket 3 Cosmo of the same type to activate

The legend said a young Narcissus fell in love with his reflection while walking past a lake. He couldn't take his eyes off it, and remained there until he died, and became what we now know as the daffodil. But who knows? What if what he fell in love with was not his own reflection, but the lake itself? Narcissus used his companionship and gaze to demonstrate his sincerity, and deep in his eyes the lake saw a ripple, most clear and pure.

Narcissus, the man who was so self-obsessed he stood by the water admiring his reflection until his death.

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