Sagittarius Aiolos

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Sagittarius Aiolos

Single Target Snipe, Divine Arrow of Justice




Class Bronze
Rarity B
Guardian Star Sagittarius
Birth Place Greece
Train Ground Greece - Sanctuary
Character Voice
Attributes Lv.1 Lv.70
HP 8415
CDEF 318
PATK 2225
PDEF 417
Speed 210

Thirteen years ago, Aiolos was named a candidate to become the next Grand Pope. However, he put his life on the line in order to protect the Goddess incarnate Saori Kido. In doing so, he was branded a traitor of the Sanctuary. Though his body has been destroyed, he lives on in spirit and encourages the other Saints to fight for justice.


Aiolos is very capable of killing an enemy in one strike, but his Golden Arrows needs to absorb teammates' PATK. He requires around 3 PATK supports in the lineup for best effect.

Golden Arrows

Golden Arrows deal exceptionally high damage to one target. This attack absorbs PATK from the three teammates with the highest PATK. This is Aiolos's primary attack skill capable of destroying almost anything in one blow.

Arrow of Justice

Aiolos has a chance to make an extra move after killing a target with Golden Arrows. Upon having 8 energy, this passive skill becomes formidable enough to kill the second enemy after eliminating the first one.

Dying Heroes

After Aiolos is killed, this passive skill returns a percentage of the previously absorbed PATK, ensuring that not all is lost even with Aiolos gone.

Recommended Lineups

Single-target Annihilation Lineup

A lineup focusing on instakilling single targets.












PvE (Player Vs CPU) ★★
PvP (Player vs Player) ★★★★
Usage Difficulty ★★★
Collection Difficulty ★★★★★

In this lineup, Aiolos is the main damage dealer, well-paired with Nachi's attack buffs. Sagittarius' Golden Arrows deal extremely high single-target damage. Cancer's special skill becomes more effective as you kill more enemies.

1. Aiolos's skill uses 4 energy, which means Kiki will need to generate energy.

2. Aiolos needs to increase his speed to make sure he doesn't get silenced or controlled.

3. Aiolos is relatively weak, but Cassios can help him absorb some damage.

4. Since Golden Arrows is required to absorb allies' physical attacks, most of the Saints in the lineup use these to engage the enemy.

This lineup is good at single-target instakills, but requires you to protect Sagittarius and use Cancer's special skill.


Special Cosmo

[Damage Dealer -- Vulcan Chain]: Aiolos' Golden Arrows, a single-target annihilation skill, is ideal for eliminating a full-HP target in one fell swoop at the beginning of a turn. Vulcan Chain increases the chance of succeeding at this.

[Survival -- Hephaestus' Armor]: Due to Aiolos’ high damage and fragile nature, he is often the target of enemy attacks in the arena. This armor provides him with a shield when critically hit, which increases his survivability and ensures that he can continue to dish out damage.

Normal Cosmo

[Fire Drop]: P.ATK, P.Crit Effect

[Tenacity]: P.DEF, HP

[Staunch]: P.Crit Level

[New Moon]: P.DEF, SPD\n


Friendship Unlock

Skins (Cosmetics)