Saint Seiya Awakening v1. Res v0.

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Open Server Announcement 11/9/2019

Dear Saints: 11/9/2019 regular maintenace has finished, now the Sanctuary is open! Welcome back to the game and thank you for your patient. We have prepared the maintenance gift for you, please find it in the mailbox.

The update is as follow: First Time Recharge Double Coupons events has been reset!

1. Open Chapter 23 and Side Story 23

2. Open 1st Divine Cloth Saint - Divine Cloth Seiya

  Athena's blood Divine Cloth - Saint Beyond Gods!
  Super speed single target DPS, beyond all S Saints

3. Open 8th Sense Saints fulfill the following conditions can open 8th Sense:

  1. Player's account level reach 38
  2. 7th Sense fully awaken and saint level reaches 60

4. Open Astral Space (Drop 8th Sense upgrade material)

5. Open Ward of the Gods

6. Open Saint Medal Season 2 (12/9 5:00AM (GMT +7))

7. Other optimizations