Saint Seiya Awakening v1. Res v0.

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Open Server Announcement 11/9/2019

Dear Saints: 16/10/2019 regular maintenance has finished, now the Sanctuary is open! Welcome back to the game and thank you for your patient. We have prepared the maintenance gift for you, please find it in the mailbox.

The update is as follow: First Time Recharge Double Coupons events has been reset!

1. The Great Eclipse Owner - The God of Underworld SS Hades is Coming

Skills to revive teammates and stealing life, super powerful single target damage!

Suitable for all the different lineups!

2. New Event - Twelve Temples of Hades

3. Hades Training Camp Open

4. Secret Shop Open

5. Duel-Attribute Cosmos selection pack available in shop, purchase to get cosmos with 2 same secondary attributes.

6. Open New Cosmos Two-horned Snake, Crystal Fire

Two-horned Snake: Shrine - Mon, Sun

Crystal Fire: Shrine - Wed, Sun

7. Daily first 2 times stamina purchase free.

8. Jamir Championship Qualifier Stage starts

9. Other optimizations